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A Star is Born. His name is Alex Alicke.  Naturally, at this stage of his life, he doesn’t know where his steps will take him, or which career he will choose. He was born as, Alejandro Guillermo. Alicke Ehlers in Santiago de Chile, 1974. He grows up in a secure environment; his parents provide the necessary education. He dreams, as every child does, of being an astronaut, of being a locomotive driver or of being a football player. However, he always feels as if there is something burning deep inside him.


Fifteen years pass before the moment comes when he discovers what will become his passion. He watches a television program and it becomes the turning point in his life.  A man on stage, who he had never seen before, is singing “My Way”. He rushes over to his mother, brings her to the TV set and asks who this man is.  His mother’s answer is decisive: “this man, my dear, is Frank Sinatra.”

This man’s charisma, his unique voice, his stage presence, this is it!  It is a moment of epiphany for Alex; he now knows what he wants to do and what he wants to be. He wants to be on stage and sing.


After his education, he embarks upon his musical and acting career. He plays lead roles in theatrical shows and musicals; in essence, he follows “his Way”.  His unique voice and his stage presence regularly attract attention. He works hard with “swing melodies” so as to play and sing them with his own stamp. He feels, after all, that these songs are life stories.


The Entertainer becomes known in Santiago de Chile with his warm performances, and in 1992, his unique voice results in him being the Star Guest in the presentation of Sinatra’s new album “Duets”, a TV show organized by EMI Odeon. As his success and popularity grows, his family, fearful of the growing political unrest in Chile, decides to move back to Germany.


Alex comes to Germany, the home of his ancestors. But, in Germany, nobody knows him. Nobody had ever heard of him, nobody knows of this Entertainer, this Crooner with a warm and unique voice.  So Alex begins to work but, no matter what kind of a Job it is, he knows he is really an entertainer, a singer. He might earn his living through hard work, but he knows his true purpose is to perform as an Entertainer.


He never forgets that it takes a lot of work to turn a stone into a diamond.  In the beginning stood a dream and talent, and now he presents a fully developed Artist, a Crooner and an Entertainer.

A fresh new star is born!

This is why he now feels confident and happy; his audience has begun to pay attention to him. 
Alex Alicke is ready to entertain you.  –  Alex Alicke;

A Star is Born.

I'm an Entertainer, Singer & Actor.
And I really love my Job!
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